Beco Toddler Carrier – Backpack Style Baby Carrier for Children from 20 up to 60 lbs, Designed to Hold Toddlers with… Price: $115.00 (as of 27/06/2022 05:00 PST- Details)

Ideal for kids over 20 pounds and up to 60 pounds! Choosing this range will allow you to carry your little ones as long as you want while keeping them comfortable and stylish. We know that children grow at their own pace.

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Easily cared for as it is machine washable. You can easily wash the Beco Toddler Carrier with a regular load of laundry. If you put it in a pillowcase, the straps will not tangle around your agitator!
There are no additional items to buy or accessories to purchase. It comes with a zippered storage bag and a detachable sleep hood. You can store your keys and credit cards in the carry-all, located near the hood pocket for easy access.
The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier can be worn diagonally or crossed on either the front or back. Get a quick piggyback from your independent TODDLER or snuggle your growing babe.
Soft and flexible straps make this super comfortable and adjustable. The soft high back panel conforms to your child’s back while remaining supportive. Designed for easily extended wearing, this carrier has the tallest panel of all our carriers.

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