About Us

I was a first-time mom when I searched for the perfect baby carrier. It took me hours to find one that suited my needs and the needs of my little one. This is why I created frog mama, so other parents can have all their questions answered fast!

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I started using baby carriers with my first son when he was two months old and I could tell my back was sometimes bothering me. My aunt suggested that it might help if I were to wear the carrier more often. It helped me stay active and enjoy time with him without having all of the weight on my shoulders or neck. With his younger sister, I had a few different styles until we found one that she liked best as well as her dad’s favorite style too!

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Frog Mama is a site that I started to share my experience about baby carriers. After using for years I am here to help all moms and dads to make the right choice. There are so many choices of baby carriers out there, it can be very overwhelming when you want the best for your children. For me, this isn’t just a website but rather a place where we talk with other parents who have kids who enjoy getting carried in various ways. From slings, wraps (kangaroo style), or even backpacks – do you know which one is best? We’ll find out together!


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