Best Baby Carriers In 2021 (Expert Tested & Verified)

As a parent, one of the most important things you need to do for your child is carrying them. Whether it’s during a meltdown, tantrum, or just because they’re tired and want some snuggle time – babies need their parents’ arms around them when they are upset or happy. This is why having the best baby carrier is so important!

best baby carriers 2021

I’ve always loved baby carriers. I use them for everything from hiking to grocery shopping. I have a few different kinds, but my favorite is the Ergo Baby Carrier. It’s so easy to put on and adjust that even my picky husband can do it without any trouble at all! And it’s nice because you can wear your baby in front or on your back – whichever is most comfortable for both of you!

Types of baby carriers

No matter how you feel about your baby, one thing is for certain: they’re a little bit of work. One way to make things easier on yourself is by using a baby carrier (or wrap) when out and about with your little one.

This post will talk through the different types of carriers, and what might be best for you based on your lifestyle.

I want to share my experience with each type so that you know what the pros and cons might be before making your decision on which carrier is best for you.

Wraps Baby Carriers

wrap baby carriers are long swaths of fabric that you wrap around yourself and your baby. The fabric is held together in the front with a buckle, and there are usually two loops on either side of your waist to hold onto while wearing it

The pros for wrap baby carriers are that they’re really easy to use, can be used as an infant carrier (though not typically), and are very comfortable.

The cons might be that carrying a heavier toddler with one arm will get tiring quickly because the weight is shared between three points instead of just at the hip like other carriers; also, many people find them harder to use when out for long periods of time due to their size- they tend to take up more space than some other types.

Soft-structured baby carriers

soft-structured baby carriers have multiple carrying positions so you can keep your baby close and comfortable. It has front packs which use padded straps to hold the carrier against the parent’s chest in front; though this position makes them less discreet than soft structured carriers, they provide good back support and don’t require tying anything behind one’s neck like an infant sling does (so no discomfort).

Baby carrier backpacks

backpack-style baby carriers offer additional padding and boning that is not found on a sling-style carrier. These carriers are also typically made of heavier fabric and leather, making them more durable than the less expensive (and often lighter) slings.

This type of carrier looks like a backpack and has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to distribute the weight of a baby.

How we choose baby carriers?

Choosing a carrier for your baby is not an easy decision. There are so many different types, and they all have their pros and cons. We took the time to find out which one would be best for you, your lifestyle, and of course on your budget.

In short, we have chosen baby carriers on the basis of lifestyle, budget, your body, and your baby.

Best Baby Carriers 2021

This post will talk through the different types of carriers, and what might be best for you based on your lifestyle.

#1. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier (Best For Summer)

Boba baby wrap carrier

The Boba Wrap Baby Carrier is your go-to for baby-wearing comfort and simplicity. Simple, no-guess tying instructions and just one size make this wrap ideal for the first few months of parenthood.

Stretchy and machine-washable fabric will keep your baby close as you carry them around town or snuggle at home.

The simple design means it is easy to care for; cleaning requires only a machine wash! And best of all, each time you tie the wrap, you create a custom seat for your baby – in any position they prefer.

Developed over 10 years ago to meet the needs of new parents, this carrier feels natural and intuitive. With just one size made from stretchy fabric that is soft for a child’s sensitive skin and comfortable on your back it will quickly become your go-to—and many people’s first (or only) option when searching for a way to hold their loved ones close through all walks of life.


  • Boba Wrap is comfortable for both babies and parents.
  •  Assists in bonding between parent and child.
  •  Provides a hands-free experience for the mother to maintain her dignity while out with her children.
  • The company has set up an unconditional 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Expert Thought

Boba wrap baby carrier is easy to use and comfortable for small and newborn babies but when it comes to big toddlers who weigh more than 36 lbs they don’t feel comfortable and you better look for another option.

How to use Boba Wrap Baby Carrier?

Step 1:Find the center of your wrap and admire the five yards of lovely fabric! Find that green Boba tag near you, position it over your heart.

Step 2:Flatten your shirt and make an X on the back to ensure that weight distribution is more even.

Step 3: Cross in the Front, Under the Panel Tuck your end over and under to form an X. If needed, give it a tug for a tighter fit.


Step 4: It’s easy to tie a knot! You don’t need much time or space. Tie in the front, back, or side, and you’re done.

#2 LÍLLÉbaby(Best for daddy)

lillebaby pursuit six position baby carrier

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Six-Position Baby Carrier provides you with the opportunity for a comfortable, hands-free way to carry your child on the go. This versatile carrier comes in four different colors, making sure that it’s perfect for parents and babies of any skin tone: silver mist, taupe, deep teal green, and emerald.

The six ergonomic positions make this complete baby carrier ideal if you need to switch between front hugging or backpack style carrying because there are two straps giving 360-degree support from either side.

The zip-down front provides control over your child’s temperature by revealing our breathable mesh, while the adjustable side panels widen and narrow. Side straps allow you to carry your hands-free in comfort or backpack style when on the go! With a huge storage pocket and removable sleeping hood, we make sure we have something to offer everyone on their journey as parents. Our complete six-position carrier also offers comfortable support with two-way straps perfect for both you and your bub – letting them know they are never alone.


  •  Get baby’s hips and your back aligned for a healthy carry.
  •  Carry baby in the frog-leg seating position or cradle hold.
  • Comfortable carrier straps that can accommodate any size wearer.
  • Customize your fit, so it provides the necessary support.

Expert Thought

Lillebaby is new in the carrier and wraps market and they are really doing well. It is easy to put and had 6 positions to carry but some babies may feel difficulty especially small and newborn babies.

6 position Infographics

Lillebaby different position

#3 BabyBjörn Baby Carrier (Best for Men)

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Free

Light and airy, the BabyBjörn is a comfortable carrier perfect for carrying your baby comfortably on walks or long errands. Back carriers are best suited for children weighing at least 10 pounds, while front-facing and back carriers work from birth to 36 months old.

The twisting design of the straps is convenient for mothers, while babies love the footsies pocket that gently cradles their toes.

The BabyBjörn baby carrier is a safe and comfortable way to carry your child. A lightweight and easy-to-use design, the carrier comes in four different carrying positions based on an expert recommendation by pediatric orthopedic surgeons for newborns through 36 months. The stretchy mesh fabric is soft for your little one, and the waist belt provides perfect comfort to ensure that you’re comfortable too.

Your baby will enjoy airy, lightweight mesh fabric that is soft to the touch and machine washable. As they grow you can change from one of four carrying positions: newborn, back facing-out, forward facing-in, and out. It’s designed around your child’s natural body shape so they feel secure in our intuitive design.


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • The soft and airy design.
  • Easy to lift out your sleeping baby.
  • Excellent comfort for you and your baby.
  • 3D mesh – a unique baby carrier fabric.

Expert Thought

Bjorn baby carrier is lightweight and designed to be comfortable for mothers and children. It has 4 different positions that you can carry your baby. The drawback is that babies with big head may not have space to rest for head. It is probably not for small people.

#4 Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360 (Best for plus size moms)

Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360

An ergonomic baby carrier designed for your family’s needs. Ergobaby creates peace of mind in a stressful day and allows parents to be close and confident with their bond during those precious first moments.

The Ergobaby Carrier is made up of an innovative design that accommodates newborns through toddlers or children weighing up to forty-five pounds, providing optimum comfort in all carrying positions and without the need for rethreading straps after size changes! Lightweight mesh provides excellent breathability while the thickly padded lumbar support offers superior back support, ideal for long hikes into the woods.

It comes in a dark charcoal color and has many features, such as easy-to-use sliders, padded back support, extra-padded shoulder straps for comfort, and side access points for breastfeeding. The fabric is soft and durable mesh which offers improved airflow while wearing the Ergobaby Carrier.

This product also includes a large removable storage pouch for parents on the go and a UPF babyhood which can provide sun protection while you’re out at parks or just on walks around your neighborhood during mid-afternoon hours.


  • Unique 360-degree rotational carry which means it can be adjusted for a newborn baby as well as an older child.
  • Comes in 3 convenient sizes to fit anyone from petite to tall.
  • Weighs only 6 pounds so you can forget about lugging around larger carriers.
  • Comfortable and supportive for your baby.

Expert Thought

It is one of the best baby carriers you can find in the market. With an innovative design, these carriers can be used by any member of the family. carrier is versatile, comfortable and your baby will love it. But in rare cases, the mesh may leave deep imprints on thighs with irritated redness.

#5 Ergobaby Embrace Cozy Newborn Baby Wrap (Best  for Breastfeeding)

Ergobaby Embrace Cozy Newborn Baby Wrap

You deserve the best for your child. Introducing Ergobaby’s Embrace Cozy Newborn Baby Wrap which offers a light, the supportive weight that keeps newborns secure and snug to enjoy life’s journey! With its soft knit fabric that comfortably nestles babies close to parents’ waistline, you’ll want nothing more than this as it provides all-important support for nighttime feeding and quality bonding time.

Some of the many excellent features include an effortless design with uncomplicated wrapping or tying techniques and no need to worry about complicated directions. The durable materials are designed with durability in mind while also being easy to clean so both you and baby can stay fresh throughout each day! Plus, it even folds up nicely into a compact little pouch perfectly.

Designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, the Ergobaby Embrace Cozy manages to be lightweight and compact while still being an effective carrier for newborns 7-25 pounds. This wrap is also machine washable!

The comfy knit fabric nestles the baby close to a parent, making it perfect for breastfeeding moms. It’s easy on-and-off and lightweight design store nicely in any diaper bag.


  • Cozy fabric that keeps your baby close and cozy
  •  Machine washable for easy cleaning
  •  Ergonomic waist belt for comfort
  •  Supportive cross straps to make carrying easier

Expert Thought

The carrier is for infant and newborn babies. This carrier is best for plus-size mama and best in the market. I don’t like is you cannot hold the baby in your hand while using this carrier.

#6 Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier (Best for Nursing)

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier

The Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier is perfect for new moms and dads who want a carrier that can comfortably work in multiple situations, from errands to outdoor exploration. The wireless design gives you hands-free options while the adjustable, ergonomic seat lets you find your ideal fit and position. With this carrier, there’s no place like close.

This innovative carrier was designed for wear on shoulders or hips so you can switch positions to fit your needs. If carrying in the hip position is difficult, we recommend wearing it on the front with an older child sitting forward-facing. The lightweight design offers convenience and comfort, no matter what your adventure brings you to do.

This Infantino carrier is built especially for busy parents and toddlers who need hands-free convenience. With up to four wearing positions like convertible facing-in and out, comfortable padded shoulder straps that fit a wide range of body types, adjustable seats with 2 position options, this flexible carrier accommodates different stages. Fill the storage pockets with necessities so dads can get through errands while baby enjoys tummy time in front of peekaboo on your back.


  • 4-in-1 design for adjusting with child’s growth
  •  Ergonomic design and fabric that makes it more comfortable to wear
  • Keeps baby secure at all times
  •  Distributes weight evenly so you don’t have to carry the entire brunt of the weight

Expert thought

It is best for newborn babies due to its innovative design make it is lightweight and easy to use. It is an affordable and structured wrap so it will make it not comfortable for babies that are more than 25 lbs.

What are the best baby carriers?

Choosing a baby carrier can be hard. There are so many different types to choose from and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. With an expert choice and my experience the best baby carriers are the baby carriers that are ergonomic, a soft material, and have multiple attachment points for the child. I have used these best baby carriers on my twins in many different situations around the house.

There are so many reasons why you might want to get your hands on one of these just like me. Here is what I learned over time while using them:

You need to choose a carrier that is soft, washable, snug, and ergonomic.

The most popular type of baby carrier is the ergo-type carriers that are comfortable for both the child and parent to wear. This kind of carrier allows you to carry your child in a variety of positions such as front-facing or back carrying with an easy seat attachment.

All of the above mentioned are the best carriers you can find but when I have to choose one I have used ergo baby carrier Omni 360 and I just love this carrier.

who makes the best baby carriers?

Baby carriers are a great way to carry your baby around without the risk of hurting their spine. This is why it’s important to know what brands are best for you so that you can provide them with the safest and most comfortable experience possible!

We’ll start with our favorite, Ergobaby- The ergonomic design puts your baby in a natural and comfortable position for carrying them around all day! We love that Ergo is made of high-quality materials so it will last you through the years as well; plus they come in different colors to fit any style preference. They also have many offers including maternity wear which some other brands don’t offer but we think this is one of the best options on the market today.

Is a baby carrier safe for a 2-month-old toddler?

A baby carrier is a popular item that parents choose to use when they need to keep their hands free. It can be worn in many different positions and it provides your child with the security of being close to you. But what about babies? Is a baby carrier safe for 2-month-old toddlers?

it is preferable to wait until they are capable of supporting their head and neck before placing them in a carrier.

  • If your baby can support his or her own weight, then it is safe to use the carrier as long as you follow all of the safety guidelines for babies who are seated.
  • we want to clarify that there may be some confusion because many people consider an infant seat with its straps and buckles (or even just a blanket) to be unsafe when they see these methods used on much older children.
  • Experts recommend waiting until around six months old before using one at all unless you know that your child has good head control skills and can sit independently.