The Essential Tools You’ll Need For Plumbing: DIY Guy

Plumbing problems area common occurrence in every household. While some of the issues could be complex for which you may need an expert like here plumber ontario ca,  there are others that can be fixed easily yourself. Before you decide to take care of the plumbing needs at home yourself make sure that you have the essential kits ready.

A basin wrench

A basin wrench is an important tool in your plumbing toolbox. This is used in order to tighten as well as loosen the nuts and the faucets of the sink. The basin wrench is designed with a long shaft and an apparatus that looks like a clamp. This goes deep down and can reach the narrow spaces as well to reach the faucet bolts.

The tongue and groove pliers

The tongue and the grove pliers will let you grab, pull, twist and loosen something. This is a versatile tool and is a slip joint plier. It has serrated jaws and has a curved shape.


These are larger in shape as compared to the adjustable wrench and this is also a heavy tool. The pipe wrench tightens and loosens the nuts and the fittings. You will need to have two pipe wrenches in your toolbox. One of this will be used in order to turn and the other will help you to grip. To care and avoid any damages to the finishes of the fixtures ensure that you wrap the jaw of the wrench with a cloth.

Adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is used to press the fittings and the supply lines. It is shaped like a hexagonal nut and most of the quality ones have a jaw setting that is firm and does not slip when you work with the tool. Make sure that you have a 6-inch as well as a 10-inch wrench in your plumbing toolbox.