Super Coolest Kitchen Gadgets to Buy in 2018

If you are trying to get to the highest level of cooking skills, or are just a regular cook, or you are a teen experimenting with food, these gadgets can easily make your life a heck of a lot easier.

From getting accurate weight readings, to making it easier to peel your avocados, there are tons of great add-ons to your kitchen experience that can be the next best invention since sliced bread.

These are our picks for super cool kitchen gadgets to buy in 2018.

  • Avocado Slicer

It’s the best thing for avocado lovers since avocados themselves, no need to risk cutting your hand or screwing up, this tool can pit, cut and cube avocados in one single tool. It’s what I’ve always kept on hand in-case I wanted to make some fresh guacamole.

  • Smart scale

If you are on a restricted calorie diet, or on a high protein diet, you need to track what quantity of food you are taking in to accurately find the number of calories, protein, carbs and sugars you are taking in daily. The scale will tell you this to the exact gram and it will be trivially easy to keep calories under 1500 next time.

  • Onion Goggles

Back to the subject of guacamole, onions can be a real pain in the rear end if you have to cut them, they cause stinging and make it annoying to make guacamole, buying a pair of onion goggles will make it easy to chip away at your heart’s desire without tearing up.

  • Sous Vide Machine

Sous Vide Machine is a great cooking machine that will add a great deal of variety to your culinary experience, I got a sous vide machine for my birthday and it’s been really great ever since.