New Pup Shopping List – Have You Got Everything?

Are you bringing a puppy home? Exciting huh? Well, it is a thing of excitement because you are getting a new member to your home. But have you made the complete shopping list that you will need to take care of your puppy well? If not, then go with this list and see if you miss anything.


Start with bowl because healthy nutrition means a healthy puppy. Make sure you get food and water bowls and the size should be convenient for the puppy.

Puppy Food

After getting bowls, head to quality food that has all good nutrition. Always check the nutrition information before buying.

Get His Bed

Make sure you get a cozy bed that gives him home like feel. It should be soft and washable, so no bacteria roam around.

Toys For His Gums

You are getting a puppy and that means sore gums. These toys will help him with chewing and make him feel good. Also, puppies love to play with toys.

Puppy Collar And Tag

Let’s come to security and so you need a puppy collar and tag for his ID. The collar should be comfortable on his neck and make sure it is adjustable.

Get The Crate

If you want your puppy from getting lost then always own a crate. It will keep him from roaming unnecessary when you are not at home.

Baby Gate

Install these gates in the area where you don’t want the puppy visits. If you are getting a pug, then you should check out these harnesses for pugs because this way you can control it better.

Cleaning Accessories

Do not forget to get a soft brush and non-irritating shampoo for your sweet pup.

Nail Clippers

Grooming is important and a dog’s nails always grow. So it is good to trim them every week or so.

Chew Proof Spray

This spray keeps your pup off from chewing things, just spray it on the area and the bitter taste of spray will keep him off.