7 Tips To Make Sure You Never Buy The Wrong Makeup Again

Makeups make us feel beautiful. Even the minimal look can make us feel invincible when we are going out for a night of fun. Just as good makeup can do a lot of good, bad makeup can do more harm than just not matching your skin tone. Here are 7 tips you should be mindful of before shopping for makeup.

1.      Test out the product

You cannot decide whether a product is right without knowing how it reacts and feels on your skin. Before committing to the bright fuchsia lipstick, you should first put on a tester and see how it suits you.

2.      Know your undertones

You can tell the undertones by the color of your veins. If they look blue or reddish, you have cooler undertones and should go for all shades of red. If they are greenish, maroon, yellow are your color.

3.      Use disposable wand for testing

Store counters have permanent testers that you should stay away from. Use your own disposable wands when you go shopping.

4.      Pay attention to the makeup artist

When the makeup artist is applying it to your face, pay attention on the brush, applicator and technique for replicating it properly later.

5.      Don’t get persuaded

Salespeople will try goading you into buying expensive products or products that you make already have, or something that doesn’t suit you. Be farm on your requirements and shop just what you need instead of the wonderful essential oil case just because you like it.

6.      Ask for a liquid tester

If you have sensitive skin, a liquid tester can help with the testing. Ask for a tester at the counter to take home. If you explain, most salespeople will be happy to accommodate.

7.      Ask for samples

Free samples are the best way to buy the exact shade you need.