13 Surprising Places Where You Can Pay with Bitcoin

A lot of economists over the last decade or so have pegged hope on the bitcoin:

I have attended so many conferences being a student of advanced economies and I have heard not one but scores of eminent scholars on the subject of study reiterating the need for e-cash. One of the most eminent of them is believed to have said that internet is one of the driving forces in today’s world.

Most of the things that we do today are all thanks to the internet that they can be done quickly and more efficiently. The only lacuna according to him is that there was no cash that was entirely driven online and that which did not have a governmental net over it.

Thanks to professors like him and to efforts by TrulyCoin, today we have e currencies or cryptocurrencies that can be used in lieu of real currency!

What is more; these currencies are not regulated by government agencies like the reserve banks or the governmental banks thereby reducing the time of transfer and also being able to cut down on any processing fee that these middlemen or institutions used to levy.

The benefit of this two fallout is definitely in favor of the consumer and therefore the goods are not only cheaper if bought with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but also they are great investment options.

I have read about the first bitcoin transaction way back in 2011 that a person used to order pizza online that is the earliest recorded transaction with bitcoins.

Over the years, people have started knowing the value of encasing and they are definitely game about using them. A virgin airline allows its customers to buy air tickets with bitcoins and this is a big leap in the aviation industry. More airlines are expected to follow suit taking a cue from them.

There is a world of possibility that a person can do with his cryptocurrencies. Why don’t you get on the bandwagon and soon!